What is Bio-bubble environment concept in IPL ?

Bio-Bubble Technology Concept In IPL UPSC

A bio-bubble is a safe and secure environment isolated from the outside world to minimise the risk of COVID-19 infection.

  • The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) will provide ‘bio secure bubbles’ in hotels, training sessions, matches and transportation.
  • Different zones will be created for franchise team members, match officials, cricket operations teams, ground staff, broadcast teams, hotel staff and security personnel. All must remain in their allotted zones.
  • Medical teams — including physio and masseurs units — are mandated to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) kits while coming in contact with the players.
  • IPL teams staying in different hotels are advised to order food to their individual rooms and avoid common areas.
  • Physical distancing and masks are a must, even while interacting with others within their bubble.

Minimizing the risk of covid 19 by creating a Secure Bubble

The IPL Council has clarified that wilful break of biosecure air bubble will invite strict action as it can put all players in grave danger. Should a player ignore the code in IPL, he will be separated and be approached to test negative twice before entering the bio-bubble once more.

  • The bio-bubble does not just limit itself to the pitch or field; it is, of course, mandatory that all entities partake in this new form of quarantine.
  • Teams are allowed to hold meetings outdoors to adhere to physical distancing norms. In fact, players will not be allowed to meet their families or friends until the tournament is over
  • It permits only authorised sports persons, support staff and match officials to enter the protected area after testing negative for COVID-19.

 Bio-bubble environment concept in IPL | UPSC – IAS

IPL’s secure bio-bubble has been created by a UK-based safety and technology firm, Restrata. To maintain no transmission risks, a great deal of tech on a large scale is required.

  • Its software is COVID-19 regulations compliant, comprising a trio of tech we have seen mentioned on a quotidian basis: testing, contact tracing and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Restrata had installed Bluetooth technology in stadiums to accurately track and trace any suspected COVID-19 outbreaks in real time.
  • Contact tracing is broken down into three stages:- Contact identification, Contact listing and Contact follow-up.
  • An accreditation card will carry a chip-enabled GPS device, IPL authorities and franchises detailed and live capability to track and trace individuals at all times.

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